On the easel, entertaining the neighborhood. Dempster Contemporary Art studio entryway.

Clarity & Vastness in Exquisite Detail

Clarity & Vastness in Exquisite DetailClarity & Vastness in Exquisite DetailClarity & Vastness in Exquisite Detail

The shape of water;  the warmth of rust; the universe in a handful of pink sand. 

Sculpture, painting, drawing, conceptual. 

statement of intent: Dan Dempster

Peace of Mind Through Deep Seeing

In this age of information overload, Dan Dempster curates that rarest and most elusive commodity: peace of mind. Pointing out the spectacular in the mundane, he teaches how to see. Through seeing, we rediscover awe and delight.

Having grown up in Bermuda and now living in Los Angeles, all his explorations in drawing, painting and sculpture are based on deep familiarity with the coastal environment. His particular interest is studying the movement of refracted light in the shallows, weathered materials and the forces that created them. 

"When we look deeply, subject and scale become irrelevant. Contemplating this paradox creates a crack in our façade of certainty about identity and meaning. Opened, it is possible to look past what we assume, and catch a glimpse of things as they are. 

Seeing past concept and category, the mind opens to clarity and vastness. The boundaries between artist, subject and artwork dissolve. Through the window of such work, the curious and receptive may come to share in that exhilaration and freedom."

It is this intention, capability and authenticity in Dan Dempster's work which viewers find compelling and discerning collectors seek. 



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